Problematic People

A list of famous and influential people who I do not wish to support because they have demonstrated that they hold views that I find objectionable, presented here because there seem to be so many more recently and I needed to write them down to remember them all.

It's probably worth pointing out that this is not an exhaustive list, nor is everyone on it equally objectionale; just objectionable enough...

The links are to an example of the problem; not necesarily the best one, but the one I found at the time.

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Chris Pratt


James Veitch


Abigail Shrier, Alexander Armstrong, Amanda Craig, Amanda Smyth, Aminatta Forna, Andrew Davies, Ann McManus, Arthur Matthews, Ben Miller, Birdy Rose, Charlotte Delaney, Craig Brown, Debbie Hayton, Dr Mez Packer, Eileen Gallagher, Frances Barber, Frances Welch, Francis Wheen, Gillian Philip, Grace Carley, Graham Linehan, Griff Rhys Jones, Ian McEwan, JK Rowling, James Dreyfus, Jane Harris, Jane Thynne, Jess de Wahls, Jimmy Mulville, Joan Smith, John Cleese, Jonny Best, Julie Bindel, Justin Hill, Kath Gotts, Lionel Shriver, Lisa Marchiano, Lizzie Roper, Magi Gibson, Malcolm Clark, Manick Govinda, Maureen Chadwick, Mo Lovatt, Nehanda Ferguson, Nick Cohen, Nina Paley, Philip Hensher, Rachel Rooney, Russell Celyn Jones, Sam Leith, Shirley Wishart, Simon Edge, Simon Fanshawe, Stella O’Malley, Susan Hill, Tatsuya Ishida, Tom Stoppard, Tony Robinson, Trezza Azzopardi, Victoria Whitworth, Zuby


John Cleese