Wordle Clones

Bored of original Wordle but stuck on your chosen clone? Worried you'll lose your streak? Cheat!

(In all seriousness, though, maybe don't read further if you actually care about playing the listed games 😉)

Also I make no attempt to claim this is an extensive list of clones; it's only the ones I both know about and can extract the answer with minimal effort...

In case you're in a different timezone, for reference "today" is Tue, 17 May 2022.


Available at https://www.scholardle.com/

Yesterday #13: valve

Today #14: focal

Tomorrow #15: scale


Available at https://semantle.com/

Yesterday #107: limited

Today #108: lean

Tomorrow #109: guy


Available at https://treklegame.com/

Yesterday #135: chart

Today #136: poker

Tomorrow #137: bones