Old Code Projects

Various coding projects I created many years ago, and haven't touched in about 13 to 16 years. They're here mainly for posterity, but if you still find any of them useful (and if they still work) then by all means feel free to make use of them.

Their old home was at 6times9.com, which I retired to consolidate everything here, hence several of the project names including "6x9".

JavaScript & PHP

A variety of scripts for adding little things like countdown timers, clocks, shadows, and what have you into webpages.

6x9 Time

A decimal time system inspired by Swatch Internet Time, but in a traditional format. It is based on UTC and, like its inspiration, has no timezones.

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6x9 Watermark

A PHP script to add a watermark image to normal images (to identify the image's source) while keeping the location of the originals hidden, and without the need to manually photoshop the images to add the watermarks.

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All About You

A small script that uses a combination of JavaScript and PHP to display (without saving) a variety of information about the viewer's browser.

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Auto Cite Link

A script that takes the CITE attribute of <q> and creates a superscript link to the referenced page, and takes the CITE attribute of <blockquote> and creates a normal link at the end of the block.

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Drop Shadow

An image-based drop shadow that uses CSS to achieve the effect and offers JavaScript to make the implementation a little easier.

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A dynamic and accurate JavaScript countup and countdown timer. Multiple different timers can appear on the same page, and it can be set to handle annual events.

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Slide-In Text Box

A small script that slides a "text box" into view, revealing the previously hidden content.

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Timezone Cheat Clock

A JavaScript clock that displays the current time for the host server by cheating - the start time is specified using PHP (or similar) and the script adds 1 to the seconds each second and adjusts minutes and hours accordingly.

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Various online things I've created that were stand-alone products, as opposed to the JavaScript & PHP scripts which are designed to be integrated into larger pages.

6x9 Web Search

A retired search form that allowed you to search many different websites from one location. It was used as a standalone website or embedded into other pages.

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CSS Page Layouts

Templates designed to be a pre-made set of simple and easy-to-use page layouts for websites.

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Galsing Flickr

A PHP script for creating single page photo archives (where 'single page' means that the script is a single file, not that all the photos are shown together on one page).

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Warwick Blogs Grabber

A PHP script to take the RSS feed for a University of Warwick blog, format it, and output the result to allow the blog to be mirrored on another website.

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