6x9 Time

This is a project I created many years ago, and haven't touched in about 14 to 17 years. It's mainly here for posterity, but if you still find it useful (and if it still works) then by all means feel free to make use of it. Any references to "6 times 9" are because that is the retired website where I was previously hosting things like this.


6x9 Time is a decimal time system inspired by Swatch Internet Time, but in a traditional format (i.e. hours, minutes, and seconds).

It should be noted that, although the idea may not be new, the script was all my own work.

It is based on UTC and, like its inspiration, has no timezones.

Until I can think of better names, the units are "hours", "minutes", and "seconds" and there are:

Therefore, when it's 12pm normally, it's 10pm in 6x9 Time

By default the script uses a 20-hour clock, but it can be converted to 10-hour with minimal tweaking of the code (There should be comments by every relevent line).

NOTE: Although the clock uses JavaScript to display and update the time, the maths is performed by PHP. Your server will require PHP to use the clock.


The current 6x9 Time is: The clock is loading, broken, or your browser does not supposrt JavaScript.



    <script src="6x9time.php"></script>

to the <head> section of the page, remembering to change the path to the script as appropriate.

Then add

    <span id="SxNtime"></span>

where you want the clock to appear.

You don't have to use a <span>; you can use anything, as long as you give it a unique ID and add that ID to the list in the script. The script comes preset to recognise the following 6 IDs: SxNtime, SxNtime1, SxNtime2, SxNtime3, SxNtime4, and SxNtime5.


To download 6x9 Time just right-click and choose "Save As" (or the equivalent for your device/web browser).

Last updated: (version "Alpha")