6 times 9 Web Search


The code was originally created for a design of that never progressed very far. When I decided to abandon that design and start again, I also decided to create a standalone website for the form.

The form allowed you to search many different websites (such as Google, Wikipedia, and IMDb) from one location, and could be used either as a standalone website or embedded into other pages.

I kept adding more searches as I thought of them, and since the search form that's embedded was still the live form, any new searches would automatically appear in embedded forms.

The project had remained largely unchanged since 2008, with minor tweaks to accomodate changes in URLs up to 2011, but due to the prevalence and effectiveness of built-in browser search features I finally discontinued the project at the start of 2013.


As its website was retired about 11 years ago, there is no functioning example to show. As such, here is a screenshot:

Screenshot of search form
The form as it appeared when embedded in another website.