RPG Setting AI Prompt

The Cortex Prime handbook has a section titled "Pick Three and Add Cortex", which discusses how you can come up with an interesting setting for your TTRPG campaign by taking three genres, subgenres, tropes, or concepts and combining them together. It then provides a list of several genres, as well as some example combinations.

When Microsoft added ChatGPT to Bing, one of the first things I tried was feeding it this list and asking it come up with a setting. It seemed to be very good at this, rattling off idea after idea. However after a while it started to often get stuck on the same three genres, despite the prompt requesting that it choose three random ones. So I decided to skip that step and just give it the random genres from the start.

So here's a prompt to feed to your AI chatbot of choice:

It links to Bing, but obviously you can copy the text and paste it anywhere you like.